What’s the Story

Does anyone else struggle with what to write in your newsletter?
The last two months we have been busy, good busy, but what day is it?
I just realized it was almost April and I needed to write a newsletter quickly. But I am suffering from writer’s block staring at that blinking cursor.

Then I thought “What I would recommend to my clients?”
“What’s the story?”
Story engages, entertains, and gives your audience a peek behind the scenes, so here are some of my favorite stories from the first quarter of 2023.

January Weather
In January we helped document the World Snow Sculpting Championships in Stillwater, MN. We put a GoPro camera on top of Water Street Inn. And it rained, snowed, and sleeted. When I came back to check on the camera it had ice over the lens! Yikes, but the video of it forming was actually pretty cool. See it here.

Our First Road Trip
In February we got to do our first road trip to Oklahoma for two personal histories. 1798 miles, 28 hours in a rental car stuffed with camera gear, we filmed two amazing clients and had countless laughs.

A video producer, an insurance agent, and a pony walk into an office.
It’s not the beginning of a joke. It’s just a day in this crazy amazing career we have chosen. And yes, we made it happen when our client wanted to film a fun commercial to let people know she can insure their farm or ranch. And, thankfully, Glitter the Pony was a very professional actor.
See it here.