The Best Compliment

The end goal of any project is to have a video, that is what people pay us to do.

But just having a video is not our goal. We want our clients to have an amazing experience making the video with us.

We recently filmed a personal history with a client who was a little apprehensive. After almost two hours of filming, she smiled and said, “That was fun!”.

This is the best compliment we can receive.
When people are having fun and enjoying themselves it shows in the final product.

So whether you are filming with us or doing your own clip on social media, remember…

You can hear when someone is smiling.

#2 Try it!
Whatever you’re thinking of saying give it a try.
You can always edit it out or delete it.

#3 Show Your Personality
Think of the videos you like, is it just the content
or is it connecting with the person?