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A personal history project with Lead Sheep Productions is an investment in the future

Personal & Family Histories

Grandpa has the best stories. What I wouldn’t give to hear Grandma’s voice one more time. A personal history video captures a persons voice and mannerisms, a lifetime of memories, life lessons, and family legends. 

How do we do that? We cohesivley tell your story using on-location interviews with family member(s), genealogy research, digitized and restored photos and documents, and archival materials.

Investment: All Projects are custom to your story. Pricing depends on the scope of your project. Contact us to schedule your free, no obligation consultation with guaranteed pricing. 


Life is Wonderful: a clip from Angela’s personal history, Life is Wonderful, she talks about what it was like growing up in Germany during WW2 and What she wants people to know about WW2.

A Spiritual Journey: in this clip from their personal history, Stan and Karen, share their first date.

Add a photobook to your personal history project. Our photobooks are designed to direct viewers to the video chapter about a certain time in our storytellers life.

“It’s very well done. I laughed & shed a few tears remembering our father. Thank you so much for putting this together. I will cherish it always.”

“At times I had been asked to write down some of my history, but did not take time, nor did I know how to start. This was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed every minute Amanda was here. She asked good questions and gave me time to think. I really wanted something my children would treasure after I am gone, and she did a wonderful job.”

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