In late April a new “friend” popped up in my Snapchat.
“My AI”

AI or Artificial Intelligence has been a topic for many years.
How could it change our everyday lives?
Will it replace people in different industries?
Will it gain consciousness and take over the world?

I admit seeing my new “friend” that I cannot delete and comes with a warning from Snapchat about the data it is collecting was unnerving.  I have not interacted with it.

However, the truth is I have been using AI in my work for years.

My editing software will help me color correct. Getting close and then allowing me to dial into the right settings. Google helps me create closed captions.
Again, giving me a start that I then correct.
It still needs the human touch.

And while I don’t know where AI is taking us, in both exciting and scary ways.
I know this.

Here at Lead Sheep Productions, we will be adapting to what serves our clients best, helping them navigate this technology while promoting connection and authenticity. And staying true to our core values of connection, creativity, preservation, exceeding expectations, and fun!