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Amanda’s Story:

Amanda shares how she went from a degree in Psychology, worked at Paisley Park Studios, her television days, and starting Lead Sheep Productions, including how she came up with the name.

Amanda Lathrop, lead sheep productions

I recently took the Gallup Strength finder test.  My top three strengths are individualization, context, and input. Which means I find out what makes people unique, help them understand their place in history, and I love to collect data and information. Which is why providing legacy services for Lead Sheep Productions isn’t just my dream job – it’s who I am!

I am able to use my strengths while learning people’s stories and retelling them in a unique way.  Whether researching, interviewing, restoring old photos, or creating a custom book or video I use my skills to, as our tagline says, “discover the past and preserve the future”. But it’s about more than just looking back. We want to take your core values, your success, and your life lessons to create custom videos and books to share them for the best possible future. We create treasured heirlooms, passing on more than just stuff. Whether you are looking to share your own story, discover your family history, fundraise for your non-profit, or share your company’s mission – we can put our skills to work to create a unique package for your needs and investment.

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