Outreach and storytelling by Lead Sheep Productions will move your non-profit ahead

Non-Profit Videos

Non-profits cannot run on passion alone. Use your passion and your story to raise funds, reach clients, and get your message out into the world.

How do we do that? We’ll get to know your organization and mission through a series of on-location interviews, footage of your organization in action, archive materials, and restored photos.

Investment: All Projects are custom to your story. Pricing depends on the scope of your project. Contact us to schedule your free, no obligation consultation with guaranteed pricing.

Stillwater Rotary 

A clip from Stillwater Rotary’s 100th celebration video

St. Croix Valley Opera

Board chair Laurann Kischner tells us why St. Croix Valley Opera is a non-profit

“SCVO recently hired Amanda and Danie of Lead Sheep Productions on a multi-video project for our November “Bridge to Growth” fundraising campaign, and I was very impressed with not only their professionalism, and approachable nature, but was very honored by the beautiful story of our company that they so skillfully weaved from all of our interviewees. Amanda’s keen eye for the best story telling, and her work to get us what we asked for is simply bar-none, and if you chose to work with her and her team at Lead Sheep Productions, you will be glad you did!”

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