The Interview

Danie, Amanda, and some of their favorite people attended the Stillwater Rotary Club’s dueling pianos fundraiser, “Shout It Out Stillwater” event last month.
Amanda looked around the room and asked Danie, “How many people in this room do you think we have interviewed?”
A friend noted the use of the word interviewed instead of filmed.

Yes, at Lead Sheep Productions, we do many types of videos, but Amanda’s gift and focus is always on the interview. How we help our clients be comfortable on camera and share their story, their passion, and their message to their audience.

Danie’s gift is visual, making sure what you see during the interview is not only technically correct but helps tell the story.

We work very collaboratively. Both adding, helping, and inspiring each other on shoot day. But we also know and respect our respective gifts.

What are the gifts you and your team bring to your business, non-profit, or family?
How do you use this collaboration to serve?
And how are you sharing this with your audience?

And how many people had we interviewed in that room?
Dozens! And there are so many more to talk to.