Time Travel

Last month, my mother, sister, and I traveled to Madison, WI, for a celebration of life for a dear family friend. Wende was the daughter of my grandmother’s best friend, Sue. They grew up next door to each other and remained friends through love (she introduced my grandparents), divorce, kids, and grandkids. Though they were not blood, 75+ years have made us all family.

As we walked in the door, Sue’s oldest son Sean saw my mother for the first time in many years and loudly proclaimed, ” you, you hit me with a golf club, right here on the mouth, it bled and bled,” and my mother proceeded to defend herself and how the accident had happened… back in the late 60s.

These two people, now around sixty, were instantly 7-8 years old again. They were both back on that summer day, reliving the moment of the golf club incident. And so were the rest of us enjoying the story.

A good story can help you travel back in time. Relive a moment, understand it from a different perspective, and connect us to one another for decades and generations.

What story instantly brings you back to that moment?