We got that b-roll


This month we filmed for the New Richmond Area Community Foundation. Their video needed to show some of the good work they do for the community, which meant a day of running around town getting B-roll.

According to storyninetyfour.com, B-roll is “secondary footage used to provide context and visual interest”. We sometimes refer to it as non-interview footage. For example, instead of seeing a talking head telling us about how you work with your clients, we hear your audio but see B-roll of you working with a client.

Not only does it make your video more interesting, but there’s also context you can convey quickly with B-roll that would take too long to explain. The B-roll can also be non-specific and set the feel of your video. We call this “Danie B-roll”, while Amanda tends to like the more literal show and tell B-roll. We find a combination of both is best. What B-roll would help show your story?