Entrepreneur Training Program

Entrepreneur Training Program

This spring Amanda participated in the Entrepreneur Training Program through the Small Business Development Center at UW-River Falls. The Program is 10 weeks and is designed to help prospective and current business owners write a business plan. It was a good way to work on the business and plan for post COVID growth. The best part was meeting other small business owners and listening to their plans to start and grow their businesses.

The 10 weeks included sessions on financial projections, marketing, and digital footprints. One of the most interesting things we got to do was market research. Further honing in on our target market and how many potential customers are in each segment.

We also had to find our competitors and answer the question of what makes us unique. One of the things we discovered was our process. The way we walk our clients through telling their story in a way that will connect with their audience. This comes from Amanda’s background in psychology and television production. Amanda is able to use her education, along with personal and professional experiences to make the process of creating videos easy and fun, while creating a final product that accomplishes our client’s goals.

We are excited to implement what Amanda learned during this training both behind the scenes and in helping our clients reach their audience.

What makes your business unique?
How are you sharing that with your audience?