Video is Custom!

I received an email from a company telling me they had created over 10,000 videos and wanted to talk to me about working with them. First, umm, know your audience (though I wonder if it was spam). The other thing that hit me was the number 10,000. That seems crazy. Maybe they have a huge staff or have been in business for decades, or again maybe it’s spam.

But it made me wonder if they were sticking your images into the same video. A formula for creating as many videos as fast as possible. To me, one of the most amazing things about video is how custom it can be.

We recently did projects for two companies in the same industry. I was happy when I saw how different the videos were. Each company approaches things differently and has different demographics that they serve. And you can see that in their videos.

Each video is custom to them.

By getting to know you before the cameras ever start rolling, we are able to bring out your story in words, the images, the background, the non-interview footage, the clients, and the branding.

When you take all these elements into account and make a custom video, it’s a powerful tool for sharing your story and connecting with your ideal customers.  Whether you DIY it, hire us, or hire someone else (but please not people who cold spam you and brag about doing 10,000 videos). I hope you will take the time to make it YOUR video.