The perfect gift for mom and dad

Looking for that perfect gift for a parent or grandparent?
How about a Lead Sheep Productions Personal History?

So, how does it work?
You pick the amount for the gift and send us a few family photos. Then we create a custom DVD with cover art, and that is the “gift card”! You present it to your loved one. We’ll set up a time to meet with them and get started. We walk them through the process, from deciding what stories to share to adding photos, filming day, and the final edit.

Each video is presented in chapters so it’s easy to find the stories you want to watch. We also have photobooks that can direct you to the chapter with the corresponding stories.

People who have received this gift and have worked with us tell us how much they truly cherish the experience. And it’s also a gift for you and future generations to have these stories preserved.

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