Senior Real Estate Specialist


Julie is a real estate agent who specializes in seniors.  She wanted a website video to share WHY she is passionate about working with seniors and how she helps meet their unique needs. Amanda walked her through concisely sharing her story and branded the video with her logo and colors.

Celebrate a life together

For Bob and Pat’s 58th anniversary, their children gifted them a video interview with Amanda. They preserved the story of how they met, Pat moving from England to the US after their marriage, their favorite moments, and their advice from the lessons of 58 years. Their family cherishes the short video.

Honor a loved one

After losing their father, Don, these three brothers were comforted by wonderful stories from friends and family. They thought about writing a book but a year later it was still only a rough list. Amanda took the list of stories and used them as the basis for a filmed interview. Along with digitized and restored old photos, the interview was edited into a chapter based DVD and each family member was given a copy.


Share an heirloom

Agnes loved being the family historian. But didn’t know how to share all of the amazing stories she had found. Amanda helped her organize and digitize her photos and documents, and share her stories on camera. The stories are more meaningful than just a tree of names and dates.

Growth Life Coaching