10 questions to help start your holiday table conversations.

The holidays are a wonderful time to learn more about your family history.  We have included 10 questions to help start your holiday table conversations. 

1. Ask your parents/grandparents how they met?
2. Ask about the history of the china or other item used on your table.
3. Ask each person for their favorite holiday memory?
4. Ask each person for their favorite holiday food and why?
5. Ask each person what they wish they had known when they were younger, including the children.
6. Do you have any Pilgrims or Native Americans in your family? 
7. If not, where did your family come from?
8. What are the holiday traditions of those places?
9. Ask each person for a memory of a family member who has passed away.
10. Bring old photos and ask older relatives about the people in them.

Janice’s Adventures


Janice loved to travel and spending time with her granddaughter. When Amanda got into genealogy, Janice did not believe she had Irish roots, Amanda took her to Ireland to prove it. They enjoyed the trip so much that they decided to go to one location their ancestors came from every year. They traveled across MN, WI, NY, TX, and MO. They found the stories their ancestors left for them and made a lot of wonderful memories on these adventures. Have you ever wanted to travel for genealogy?