You Are Your Brand

You Are Your Brand

I am part of a Women’s Business Bridge connection group. Four professional women sharing ideas, struggles, and accountability. Recently I was telling them the story and meaning of my new tattoo. My grandmother’s last words, “and then where are we going”, in her handwriting.

When Kristina of Kristina Lynn Photography said “I love it, you are your brand”.
I don’t think there is any better compliment.

When you are your brand you are selling yourself, which can feel like bragging. It can also be hard to know what makes what you do so unique and special, because to you it’s everyday, it’s who you are. A great way to overcome both of these is to share the story of what you do, why you do it, and of the clients you work with, and their experience working with you.
This will attract not just new clients, but your top 20%.
The ones you LOVE working with and make the job easy.

These are the business clients I want to work with, those who are their brand and their story, passion, and the way they work attracts their top 20% clients.

Are you your brand?
How are you sharing your story?

Amandas tatto and brand