What does a Video Producer do?

Amanda Lathrop, Owner of Lead Sheep Productions

Amanda Lathrop, Owner of Lead Sheep Productions

When I started attending networking events it surprised me [Amanda] that people would introduce me as a videographer. Coming from the film and television industry, that term was never used. We had APs, ADs, DPs, PAs, A-cam, B-cam, and sound. But no videographers. To me, that term refers to a wedding photographer who can also shoot videos. I don’t video weddings – but I know someone who does.

According to the Google, a videographer is “a person who makes video films.” So yes, I am a videographer. And If you have ever referred to me as that, thank you! Thank you for the introduction, the referral, or the shout out.

I introduce myself as a video producer. A producer is “responsible for planning and implementing all elements of a video project.”

I actually don’t run the camera. Danie, our Director of Photography or DP, has that responsibility. Watch for her post on our blog later this month about her role.

I do the planning, meeting with the client to determine the story, what the final product will be, and what we need to accomplish that. Once on set – I direct, which includes collaborating with Danie to get the look, conducting the interview, keeping the client comfortable and genuine, and making sure we have all the elements we need for the edit. I then edit the footage into the story we had envisioned and deliver the finished product.

When you hire Lead Sheep Productions you get two people with years of experience who can produce your video, not just record it. You don’t even need to know exactly what you want to get started. Give us a call and we will walk you though the process of producing your video project.