Moving Stories

Moving Stories


In late 2007, I was sitting with a letter from my landlord that my rent was going up, watching a news story about how drastically house prices had dropped. A few months later I was buying my first house.
“My little house” has been my home, my office, my base for over 13 years. If you’ve ever moved you know that packing up years of life, and business, is a lot. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve shared stories. I was lucky to have the help of Lisa Beavens from Home to Sweet Home to go through all the stuff I inherited from my grandparents and father.

Just like our videos it has been a great time to look back, but also look forward to the next adventure.

We are moving!

But only across the river to Wisconsin. We will still be serving the St. Croix Valley area and as also are available for travel.

My Little House - we are moving