Capture Life

Capture Life

You may have seen me wearing this cute, little camera necklace, especially on filming days. It’s great to have a piece of jewelry that relates to what you do. It’s more than that for me though. I purchased it from, Bryan Anthonys, a company that makes a variety of great pieces; each comes with a story.
As you can imagine I have quite a few.
I had the necklace called “Never Lost Compass”, but I lost it.

Recently, I was telling someone about it at a networking event, and I got to thinking about how things can have multiple meanings. This necklace is a camera and I do video production, but the story gives it a deeper meaning for me. When I wear this necklace I am reminded to be grateful for the moments and to focus on what matters. And of course, the line that says “Capture the memories that bring the most energy to your soul” resonates with me most.

Stories Give Meaning. 

Whether it’s a necklace, family photo, your business name, or the clients whose lives were changed by your non-profit.

Share your stories!
Here are some ideas on how to do that (other than video).

Digitize and caption your photos
Include photos of heirlooms
Journal or create a book

Business and Non-profits:
Be social on your social media
Share stories in your newsletters
Ask people for their stories of working with you